Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preschool Program

One of the things I was kinda sad about when Ty went to a "special" school was that he would miss out on all the cute little programs and field trips. They can't really do those in "regular" schools so he was kinda out.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got a program invitation for Ty's classroom. I have to say we are SUPER impressed with Miss Holly and we are SO excited that Ty will be in her class again.

Ty singing with the class. It was more like Ty was dancing and every one else was singing. It was SUPER cute!

Still Singing. He was really GOING at it with his air guitar. He LOVES songs. After singing he was given a certificate. When they said his name he walked up and got the certificate and looked at it and handed back to Miss Holly and went back to his seat. Then we watched a cute little slide show she put together of the class. Because Ty goes every day for school he was in there A LOT! A little boy sitting next to us would get SO excited when Ty was on TV. He would lean over and SCREAM " TY you are on TV.. look look ." And then he would sit back and say LOOK all over again. Ty on the other hand, sat there all quite and would clap when they said his name.

Afterwards they got Popsicles and he surprised everyone by ASKING.. for a purple one! YEP he ASKED for Porporle.. ( it really is CUTE!)
Last but not least he got a sweet little present from one of the teachers. A cute little shirt that she drew for EVERY single kiddo. It was SUPER cute.

We are so not looking forward to not getting summer school this year because he LOVES school and loves other kids. He is going to be having a medical summer and probably will be really bored. Hopefully I can get him out and about and plan some fun crafts, cousin time and visits to places like the zoo and to see the penguins.

Oh and Potty Training...

We love the progress he is making and think he is doing great! Stay tuned for the video of his class and then hopefully we can get him on tape with WORDS!

Here is the video. It will probably be more interesting for Grandma than anyone else.

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sweets said...

That is so great that he is talking a little. He is so cute! we still need to get together.