Saturday, April 17, 2010

Medically Fragile

Ty is considered Medically Fragile. He is one of those kids who RUSH through the ER. We just say He has a shunt and if his symptoms match that of a shunt malfunction we are pushed right from triage to a room.

A lot of conditions do that. Kids with Trach's, Transplant kiddos, and Shunt kiddos. Frequent "flyer's" in the ER are high on the priority list if we go to PCMC or any other children's hospitals.

Sometimes I feel bad when we are sitting there and we are called FAST and another mom you KNOW has been sitting for a long time just watch as we go right back.

In Arizona, what is now Cardon Children's use to be Banner Desert, we would go ( only when we had signs and symptoms) and usually wait less than ten minutes in the waiting room. A few ladies with kids get really mad. But it is his brain we are talking about and the longer he is malfunctioning the worse it makes his outcome.

As the malfunction gets worse the slower his heart rate gets. The sicker he gets and the sicker I get.

I often wonder why we don't have better manuals as moms to take care of these things. Or to show us that something is REALLY wrong MUCH faster.

Tonight I am sitting with my sweet baby next to me. He has fallen, broken his nose, been face planted and seen an ENT, PT, SPT and his pediatrician this week. He has played at the park almost every day, went to school and now tonight, he is not feeling well. He has a tummy ache of sorts. But is it just a tummy ache? What if it is his brain? What if it is just a bug? Why can't there be any indicator, a flashing light if you will, Telling me what else is broken.

So tonight, I sit with my Cute little bug, who isn't feeling well. Lying in my bed. Where I feel MOST safe.... Waiting and wondering.... And praying.

Praying for a bug


Amber said...

OH NO!!! Poor Brown Family!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope it is just a bug. SLY!!!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

My daughter is non-verbal so really scary when she goes all quiet and you know something is wrong but she can't tell you :( We also used to get the red carpet treatment in the local children's hospital when she had oxygen saturation issues, they actually used to look pleased to see us, which helped when we arrived with yet another crisis. Hope Ty will be better in the morning (())

singedwingangel said...

praying it is just a bugg to.. soundslike you and the lil guy have had quite a week...