Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One thing about the roller coaster we ride is the fun and excitement we get when something happens that is "normal." You know, the things that kids do. That "regular" kids do. Most do them on time and since we don't we get excited when we FINALLY do them.

Ty is FINALLY pretend playing. Not a lot. Some of it is more him pretend playing with Barney. Little things like showing him what is going on during a show that isn't Barney. He will be showing him the Baby Einsteins movie or a book and he ALWAYS shares his food.

One thing we noticed recently was Tyler wanting to take toys to bed. It was strange one night to have him bring Eeyore. We thought it was super funny and super cute. Since then we have had some more plastic friends to bed. I am not sure why he doesn't bring the soft things since he has all the same things in soft stuff.

Last night he took his BIG Leo to bed and when he came into our room ( which happens a lot.. OK every day) he brought Leo with him. He gives him kisses and puts him under a blanket even.

Another "normal" is Ty's need to be a super hero. And in true Labrum Fashion he is Captain Pickles. ( Max is captain pickles but they didn't know one existed till we TOLD them BJ was Captain Pickles.) So we have 2 captain Pickles. Ty wanted a cape. So his Blankie was the Cape. I keep thinking maybe we need to make a cape.. A real one!

And we all know last week him sitting and watching soccer with his friends.

Its nice to celebrate the "normal" and we are SOOO excited and it makes us smile....
What other normals will we get?

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