Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Lori

I am a day late getting this up so hopefully I am forgiven. Yesterday was Dallas' moms birthday. She is the sweetest mother ( in law) that anyone could ask for. She is such a sweet person. She is very easy to love and she is very kind and considerate.

When I was taken to meet Dallas' family ( A MILLION years ago) I didn't want his mom to hate me. I was so worried that she wouldn't like me or I wouldn't be good enough for her son. (Which I am NOT) But she was so excited that he had a "girlfriend." It was also Easter and she had a Easter basket for me. It was seriously the sweetest thing.

When we went to the hospital to have Tyler they met us there. I have NO idea what was going through their head. I have been reassured a few times that they "didn't see a thing" but they just sat there. I can't imagine what was going through their heads as we were getting ready to deliver Ty so early. The only thing I remember was Lori telling us that it was going to be ok and that they were praying so hard. She was a silent but strong person in the room. Something I appreciate.

Now that I have been in the family I appreciate all the love and support that she gives. Dallas is her only boy and I stole him away. I took him to Arizona. I have kept him as my own. But we love her and hope that she knows that we appreciate all that she does. Many times I have called in need and she has come. She even stayed in the neurotrauma unit when I had a anxiety attack. Not many people would stay there..

Lori, Thank you for giving me such a wonderful husband. Letting me take him away and keeping him forever. Thank you for the love and support. Thank you for being a great mom and great mom in law and grandma. We couldn't ask for better.

Dallas, Nancy and Tyler

PS. Isn't she GORGEOUS!

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