Sunday, December 6, 2009

The results are in

Our sleep study results and follow up was this past week. I have decided that I really like this doc a lot. She was very honest. But first, a little of the first of the week.

On Sunday Dallas woke up with a horrible sore throat. I decided to take Tyler out of the house for a few hours and let Dallas sleep and then we took him to the instacare AGAIN. I was really hoping that it was "nothing" and he was just feeling like crap and feeling a little stressed. But sure enough the quick strep test was positive AGAIN. I was so so mad. We just got done with Antibiotics from a week or so ago. And here we were again.

So we assumed that there was a carrier somewhere. Monday Ty and I went Christmas shopping and headed home. Got a text message from Aunt Sheena that she was not feeling well and she was heading to the doc. A hour later a text that she was positive for strep.

We learned that strep has a carrier and someone with no tonsils can't carry but can get strep. I am the ONLY person in the house that has no tonsils so we assumed it was Tyler the toot.

Tuesday we talked to ped, got scheduled for his last H1n1 shot and we thought we would test him to see if it was him. He isn't or wasn't sick and we waited for the rapid strep test. Guess who was positive? Yep toot face himself.

2 weeks of antibiotics to see if we can't kill off the germ and off we went. For the first time in his LIFE he will actually take it without throwing up. Did you know they can flavor augmentin strawberry?

Its seems his appetite has returned so who knows maybe he was not feeling well. But he has been much better.

His sleep study results came back. And the honest doc said, he doesn't' sleep a lot. I am sorry there isn't anything we can do.

Ok.. that was the gist of it.. The details:

Ty has awesome REM sleep the first 3rd of the night. He falls asleep great because of his sedation meds. He enters into deep sleep pretty well. Then comes his arousal. Around 3 am he starts arousing from periodic limb movment ( about 5 an hour) and ( get this) obstructive sleep apnea.( he wakes up about 8 times an hour with apnea) At first she thought it was his tonsils but she was not convinced after seeing the rest of the results. He wakes up when he can't breathe. He then comes looking for mom. She thinks that his air way is floppy. That taking out his tonsils will be like taking out part of the dry wall. She really feels like it would be a bad idea. She would really like him off his sleeping meds but at the same time anything she gives him will be metabolized in his liver. He has to have meds or he would be up all night.

He gets generally around 440 minutes of sleep that is about 7 hours. A kid his age should be sleeping between 10-12 hours to help him grow and develop. She is glad we have been putting him in our bed because apparently hearing someone else breathe can keep a kid alive.

I was horrified to see that I was sedating my child and he can't breathe. Here we are sedating and suppressing his breathing and yet he still doesn't sleep. I am at a loss but thankful he has been safe.

So we are getting an ENT consult, not for sure taking out his tonsils but getting them looked at. Seeing if we can make him safer. We are letting him out grow his dose and see if there is anything else we can do. We are going to be checking with his neurosurgeon about a ridge on his head that makes me a little nervous and make sure that his little cute head is still growing. I will be devastated if we are having more issues with his head growth.

Next week ( OK Wednesday) we go in for his phenol shots and serial casting. It was pushed back a day. My tummy is in knots till we get it done. Lots of prayers for Bubba!!


Pam said...

Does Ty have stridor? If not, I would be surprised to hear he has a serious problem w/ a floppy airway. Not that I know much about that.... I'm just think about how noisy John was (and still is a bit at night and during feedings) b/c of his floppy airway. His was pretty serious, though, and he needed a supraglottoplasty to widen his airway. Apparently, things can be fine and then get worse. I don't think I've heard about that happening at Ty's age, though. Feel badly for him and his sleep problems. :(

Lacey said...

What a strange sleep study. I'm just making sure you got your blankie. I sent it out a while ago an haven't heard back from you so just checking.

Preemie Miracle said...

Pam they think his airway issues is from a SMALL air way and muscle tone issues as he grows. he is generally tight but some of his body is not. He has poor oral motor control and eats horribly.

Lacey YES we got it and he loves it but I haven't gotten any great photos so I have been waiting. I hope you don't mind.