Saturday, November 14, 2009

A team of support

There are so many people who are a part of the team. Finding what works for you and your child can be hard. Some won't understand what is going on, others won't want to face the reality of it. But most of all you as a parent need to find a place to go where you can have understanding of your situation and most of all compassion AND someone who gets it.

Since I started on my Preemie journey I have found a few online support groups on yahoo that have been a wonderful resource to me. I have become a national moderator of one of them and have really enjoyed watching all the people who have come in the start of their journey frantic for answers, find what they are looking for and then offer support to others.

Your spouse is a awesome support. One thing we were told was that this would make or break our marriage. We had to work hard at finding the right balance for us. When he is up we find that I am down or vice versa. When I need a sound opinion he is there. He has been amazing.

Another thing that helps with support is finding support in those around you. It may not be the same as the support you find in others going through the same journey but support is what it is.

Good luck in your journey. Keep your chin up.

Only a few more days for prematurity awareness day. Please PLEASE in showing your support for our preemie, please post in honor of him.

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