Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was a good mom and remembered parent teacher conferences. I know how much time goes into the teachers preparing for it. They had an online sign up and I forgot so I just called and made the appointment with the Teacher. Her name is Miss Holly. Cute cute fun teacher!

Since Ty had school today and I hadn't made the appointment she sent home the teacher paper she made for each of the kids. I am gonna brag on my kiddo because he has shown some AWESOME improvements in the last 2 months.

She said that he was able to put his own coat and backpack away ( which is a goal on his IEP that he will recognize his name and he KNOWS T!!) He is always willing to clean up his toys and listens and follows directions!

He is emerging in attending and participating in activities that he chooses ( of course.. he is kinda stubborn when it comes to other activities he didn't choose) and he is now participating in ones Miss Holly chooses. He is also communicating his wants and needs. ( before he would go in the corner and read books or throw a fit about going to the table to do a craft or a activity.)

Her favorite thing about Tyler is the way he gets excited while reading books and is so happy and engaged during circle time where they sing. And his laugh makes them all laugh and smile.

He is doing so much better with sounds of the letters. He is trying to communicate his needs and wants. We are impressed with how much he is doing but wish that it was faster!! We are so proud of him and are working so hard with him.

The saddest of the report was that he has a hard time with other play activities because he can't communicate with them to play with them. That is the hardest to hear because he is such a friendly kid but he lives in such a lonely world with no words. I hope soon to help him.

On another upper after the bus aide issue she never got transferred but Tuesday when I got Tyler off the bus the aide was gone. This morning when I got him on the bus we were introduced to a "new" aide that was going to be on the bus this week. I gave the bus driver some info about his glasses and he said that the bus aide would be replaced. She had more problems with another kid.

A positive for the week!

Please send up a few good thoughts on our communication so that Tyler can keep improving and that the play activities will increase. It helps his communication skills SOOO much .


Tammy said...

Good job Tyler. I am sure he will get their. Sometimes we wish that it was sooner than it is, but he will get there. Patience is a hard pill to swallow at times. With the right people he will be able to emerge.

Lacey said...

Great job Tyler. Did you get his blankie? I sent it a few days ago, and i want to make sure you got it.

Preemie Miracle said...

Lacey I did. He used it when he was sick so I had to wash it before we took photos and I took a few last night. He signed cold and went and got it.... So I took a few photos.. I will send them to you today..WE LOVE IT

Amber said...