Friday, October 30, 2009

The Preschool way to Party

One downfall of attending a special needs preschool is the lack of fun field trips and little shows they put on. This year though he did have a really cute teacher who put on a FUN little party for the class. I was kinda excited to go and see him and take pictures. My one "not excited" is that once mom gets there he is "all done." He won't let me put him down or not hold his hand long enough to get some GREAT photos. The few I got that were pretty good, he didn't see me come in the room. ( A HOORAY for being blind *HA HA*)

I woke up at six wondering in my head if my baby was even still breathing since he hadn't made his way into our room yet. ( A hooray for some full tummies at bed time.. more on that later) and promptly at 7 he showed up. ( OK not really. I went in to check if he was breathing and he was climbing out of bed)

Mornings are rough. He won't eat for about 30 minutes. He is picky in what he eats and today was no exception. He ate next to nothing. BUT we got his costume on and he was nice enough to let me snap some photos.
Next up was hitting up the COOL school and try really hard to get at least one photo of the hat and the fishing pole. ( Don't you love his waders)

He doesn't notice I am there in the class with him. He is off showing his teacher his fish. He can't see from where he was standing and I was standing in order to really SEE me. It was the sound of the flash that got him to look up. And it took a few seconds to get what was going on.

AND he caught me! He totally ran and ripped off the hat :) and headed to where I was standing. I was in Tyler prison. He would take me around his class and we would sit and sing. And then we were off.

While they paraded around the school they made a few stops. Once Ty walked in to the library he quickly reminded me that it was "SHH" And he went on his way.

Next stop was the principals office where he was sitting with his Mac and Ty signs computer :) and smiles really big for a picture that I couldn't take because he wouldn't let go of my hands. But we got him to hold still with his Aide named Pooh.

He wasn't afraid, but she wasn't mom so "the scared to death pooped my pants look... its just Tyler"

We headed back to the class to make Spiders and decorate a cookie.

And as the Visually impaired Cookie Inspector he was all ready getting down to business.

And in his too cool for school way he was letting me know that "that" was the cookie, and not a cake!

But the spider craft had to go unnoticed in photo blogging because he was having none of it. BUT ME, the mom, finished a mighty nice one!

We moved on to Books and then made a convincing run at pin the nose on the pumpkin. The other kiddos were blind folded. BUT in all our blind glory we just got to go for it.. Thinking we were gonna be the BEST quickly was dampened as he reached to be the highest one above the pumpkin.

The morning ended with a bang as Tyler was all done. We said good bye and packed our stuff and took a trip to The BK! Ordered a burger and ate some food. Then went home to watch Halloween Barney.

Ty has now gotten the concept of saying the sound T and holding out his basket with the full intention of getting a treat. So if you see a black basket and a handsome little man you better be passing out good stuff.

We spent the day making cookies and we are gonna be taking some to our loved families. We hope they are yummy and that they bring a Halloween smile!

Can't wait to see more from you, trick or treaters!!!!

* The sarcasm about my blind baby is only partially sad. We aren't sad. We don't know the extent and sometimes it is more obvious than others. He is such a trooper going through life unable to see well. We love him and are happy to learn more about what he can and can't see. Feel free to ask any questions you can think of and we will FIND OUT more!*


Rich said...

Ok mom, so this hiding from your blind kid in plain sight... I will tell you incase Ty can't ... REALLY FREAKS US THE HELL OUT! Stop it, k? :)

Do you know how annoying it is to ride the train, knowing your O&M is in the car with you some place, and she magically appears at the platform? FREAKY!

Also kudos to little dudes glasses, so cute. I did not get glasses till I was 18. Because the doctors that "know so much" didn't think they would help. - Oh I'm going to have so much fun e-mailing you! Hehehehe... Great post and great photos...

Any other blind or VI moms or dads about, drop me a line! =)

Preemie Miracle said...

I only do it every now and again and I only do it so that I can get some cute for the family book photos... Thanks for the humor!

Josephine said...

This was a joy to read :) He is such a cutie! My favourite picture is the one where he's just looked up because he heard/saw the flash....adorable :)

therextras said...

Loved this story! (You have such a way with words, Rich.) The preschool party was perfect! They really know how to do KID!

He is adorable in his costume!