Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gearing up for the hunt

The economy is not fun right now. Several people that we know have been laid off in the last week or so. I can only imagine the anxiety. So, I am going to go test my anxiety and spend the day going around to health establishments and plead my skills to those who are hiring. There are so many people hiring but they take WEEKS to get back to you. I don't want WEEKS... look at my venipuncture skills NOW!!

So, wish me luck as I hit up blood banks, plasma centers and a few in between that I will find some thing good, that will enhance my skills and use my degree/certificate and help with that Darn Cobra!

So, if there is any one out there willing to hire a phlebotomist, please tell them I am experienced, a professional and I have a piece of paper that says in the state of Utah I can do it legally!! And pray that when I show off my knumchuck skills and my venipuncture skills I won't miss!

Oh and doesn't umblicial cord harvesting sound like an awesome tittle... I applied :)

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