Friday, September 26, 2008


HOLY SMOKING COWS! I can't believe we survived our first week of preschool. At least we walked away ALMOST unscathed and unscared.

I decided that we would wait until next week to start the therapy on Tuesday and Thursdays and just focus on preschool. Poor kid had only had 2 days were he had stayed home since his surgery. I was not up to dealing with a kid with no nap and preschool transition all in the same week.

Wed was much the same as Monday except we tried me leaving for part of the class. He did OK at first then they had me come back and try again to show him that I would always come back. That one didn't work so well. He cried so hard he was starting to gag. ( I have to claim that trait. I do that when I cry to) I came in and he was easily calmed.

After much discussion with Dallas we decided to try having Dallas take him in and leave him. So bright and early we got up and took Ty to preschool. Dallas took him in and slowly walked away while Tyler sat in a little circle with his "friends." Ty whimpered a little and as they started singing Mr. Sun he calmed right down.

I went and got a muffin( I really think I might make that a "tradition) read my book and then walked through Target. During which time Ty started to get anxious and his aide called and had me come back to the school. I got there with less than 30 minutes left of class. Ty was already to go. He was in a little wagon and was happy as could be to see his mom. Truth be told his mom kinda missed him and was VERY glad to see him.

As we came home he was very mad at me and cried and wouldn't let me touch him. It was quickly remedied with a dose of Barney and a pizza picnic. Along with a 2 hour nap and a afternoon of playing we are back to buddies again!

As for the scars, they only occurred on me. As part of the registration process I was asked to bring in a myriad of paper work and stupid stuff. One of which was my drivers license and proof of residency. Keep in mind we have changed EVERYTHING since moving to Arizona. We also pay every single one of our utilities online so we don't get paper bills and if we do get paper bills they are shredded right after payment is made. (Gee novel concept huh!) So I took in a bank statement on Wednesday. I was then told that if I didn't produce a lease agreement or a utility bill that Ty couldn't continue on with the school.

I have my own theories on that but me and Dallas went in search for the above mentioned papers. We found our newest agreement and tried to print out a utility statement. It wouldn't print. But I figured with the lease agreement I thought we would be fine.

When Dallas brought Ty to school I went ahead of him and got the papers handed it. It was cleared by the office manager and so we brought Ty in. Right before his Aide called I got a call from the "mean lady." I didn't notice my phone ringing so I didn't get "talked to" till I got in to get Tyler. As I walked in I was greeted by "mean Lady" and was talked down to like I was a moron. It was INFURIATING. The lease agreement apparently expired in August but we have not signed another one because we are on month to month so there is no new agreement.

So mean lady proceeded to belittle me and ask what part of this do I not understand and that Tyler would not be returning if I didn't have said documentation by Monday. I am thinking the freaking district has been to my house, you have my drivers license, you have a insurance authorization from the State of Arizona, you have MY CHILD, his birth certificate, immunization record and Social security card what more do you want from me. There was no line for his blood type so I figure we were good.

We did get a paper that will work so whatever. But if he can't go to school there then I will take his vision funding and go to the foundation. So blah!
Now the good part! Dallas came home on Thursday from his appointment and I ran to the store. When I got home it was a little to quite. I put the groceries in the kitchen and found Ty curled up on the floor. He never does that. I found Dallas snoring on the bed. I guess they were both tired.
Cute boys! Great fun and Preschool. Who could ask for more.

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Jen said...

What a cute picture! As for Mean lady, she can just . .. . hmmm I guess I shouldn't say that! But seriously, I can't believe they need ALL that documentation just so he can go to pre-school. It's really appalling!