Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All under one roof!!!

We are all under one roof tonight. It feels so good to sit know that Tyler is sound asleep in the room next door and his dad and I are right here for him when he wakes up!

What a whirl wind of a crazy week. In my wildest dreams,( OK it was my worst nightmare) did I think I could ever get through this with out all the family we usually have around us. BUT! We did. We relied on each other and we are home!

So this is the REST of the story and a little about how shunts work.

So where we left off:

Ty had emergency surgery last night ( which we "told" you about.) and he came out as feisty as they get. We got him settled and we headed home. I blogged and headed to bed. I didn't sleep long just enough to get my energy back and I was up around 5 am. I finished up some laundry( see above photo of the towels. 10 towels in one day.) and did up some dishes and then started the errand running that has to get done.

After waking up Dallas and finding him not feeling the best and ready to puke all over, I headed up to see Tyler. We had called every hour to see how he was and the only report we could get was he was sound asleep. Which gave us much needed reassurance that he was doing well.

I got to the hospital just after he was returned from his CT scan. I had wanted to get there a little earlier but had to take care of my other guy to. But when I got there I saw the most WONDERFUL sight. Ty was sitting up and ready to go! He looked amazing. When I got there and said his name he jumped right up ready to get out of the crib. At that point he was all mine!

We set up the computer and put on a few movies, stacked a few blocks, threw a few balls. We called Dallas a few times. He was doing really well. They brought his lunch and I KNEW he wouldn't eat it so we took a trip to the cafeteria where we had PIZZA.

(I was a little disturbed at how many people stared at us. In fact it kinda hurt a little but his poor little scar is kinda out there. I love him so much and just want to have people see him and not the scar.) ( this is the scar)

We went back and threw rocks outside. Played in the water fountain, threw rocks in the water fountain ( not sure if we were suppose to but he loved it) then went to find a play room. It SUCKED and didn't have any balls so we went back.

We ran into our neurosurgeon on the way and said if we had been out and about then we might as well get out of there! We were so excited. This neurosurgeon is great. We really liked him. And we were so happy to get out of there.

We called Dallas and headed out to home. As we drove into the driveway I could tell Ty was tired but he had had no meds since around 7 that morning and no nap. But he was so glad to see his dad. Those to played for a little and we fed Tyler again ( yep you read right he ate AGAIN) and we continued to play, and play. He even got himself some really nice ice cream.

He took a shower and we got most of the iodine off. He was off to play some more. He got dinner ( yep food again) and he was set to get to bed. He has been in bed since 8 and has not woken up once.

Overall this kid is back to OUR kid. We love him so much. He is amazing and wonderful. We are so proud of him and find him to be such a blessing to us.. Along with the most amazing miracle we could ever ask for.

For more info on Shunts click here and here!

( showing me his owiee!)


Chantel said...

We are glad he is doing better. Poor kid, his little head has been through a lot :( Give him a love from us!

Grandma Labrum said...

So glad he is doing so well! What a trooper! Kisses from Grandma and Grandpa.

R and K said...

Nancy, I'm so glad it went well and that you are all back together. We'll be praying for Tyler's continued health!

Aunt Nicky said...

I'm so glad that he is doing better. He is such a little trooper! It is amazing how he bounces back from these things. Give him a hug and I may try and call him later to tell him I love him and see if he will talk to Aunt Nicky!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

I'm SO GLAD that you are all back together. And that Tyler is doing so well! That is beautiful news. :-D *hug*

Khourt said...

I read your shunt post just didnt have time to post a comment. I was coming to post one now and saw this update. Im so glad that he is fine after his surgery. Alo fell yesterday and Ive been watching his fontanel like a hawk (His is still pretty dang open) for any shunt problems.

Jen said...

I love the picture of him showing his mommy his owie! He is such a doll!

carly said...

Shunt revisions are so scary! I am glad everything went well. It's so amazing how fast they recover from shunt revisions!

Aimee said...

Glad he's doing much better. Glad both you and Dallas are too!

Cindy said...

Hi - I found your blog through Chantel. I have a sister who had a very premature baby and has had a hard time with some issues. I would love for her to be able to read your whole blog. Is the old blog that you wrote when Tyler was born still available? Please email me at jarens underscore mommy at yahoo dot com if you don't mind sending me the link. Thanks! Cindy