Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have teeth of Gold!! ( okay silver)

This might only be funny to those who were residents of Cache Valley ( or more specifically Cornish Utah) around the times mid seventies and early eighties. None the less, it is funny.

A little back ground. Around 1978 my mom and dad found that they were expecting baby #1. Baby number one came and soon after baby #2 showed up. After baby #2 came around it some how came about that the water was bad and it was rotting kids teeth. Now keep in mind baby #3 wasn't far behind #2 and !.

Fast forward to Elementary. I was never one to go without having a cavity. I am sure Dr. Mckell looked forward to my visits. I only remember not having cavities ( and yes I am not kidding on the plural part) maybe 3 times. At the time Dr. Mckell ( who am I kidding, EVERY dentist in the world) was using silver. So I have a few silver fillings.

High School and college repeat above paragraph and the silver kept a coming. My mission came and went and I had a few root canals. In fact one root canal came after I got elbowed in the face by Elder Parkinson on Pday. ( so much for the NO TOUCHING rule huh) I got sent to Michigan for that one. And since my cleanings and what not were not every six months I hit the dentist as soon as I came home. Lucky for me that was one of the times I had no cavities.

That brings me to today. I saw the dentist for the first time since moving to Arizona. This dentist was so high tech. His dentist chair had a massage feature. I asked where the dude was that massaged feet but alas there was none. The hygenist had a live camera that took pictures. The exray machine was digital and wow.. it was cool.

So the results..... yep a few cavities. Well really just one and a cracked tooth with a wonderful silver filling. When they were charting my teeth I swear EVERY SINGLE TOOTH had something wrong with it. He also kinda chuckled as he got to my bridge and asked when I "cracked" my tooth. I explained my grandpa stole it. And he laughed at me. I wasn't kidding.

The damage.... a 1200 buck mouth.

Thank goodness for insurance!!


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Holy smokes!!!!!!!!!

Let's just say: good thing you've been going every six months. Otherwise, you could imagine what havoc would be in your mouth without the preventative/reparative work that's already been done?

Grandma Labrum said...

Dr. McKell now has a fancy new x-ray thingee, too. And his new office is great with TV in the ceiling. But I still can't hear him when he talks to me while drilling, or talk with him when he has his hands in my mouth. But, if Ashley is reading this which I am sure she will, I still think your dad is the greatest!

Ashley said...

Wow, that is funny. I loved reading about your experiences, that is crazy. That is expensive. I also think it is funny how my dad talks to people when they can't hear him. People used to tell me that all the time that he would talk and they had no idea what he is saying. It is pretty funny, he is quite the talker.

Tiffini said...

Nancy my husband's mouth is the same way. He is to embarrassed to go to the dentist so won't but his mouth keeps getting worse and worse.