Saturday, June 21, 2008

My new bed !!

My amazing and wonderful hubby bought me a new bed. I love it. I just sink into it every night and my body just screams don't get out!!

I had a problem deciding what new comforter I wanted for it. When I found the exact one I wanted it was SOLD OUT! I hate when that happened. I googled high and low and never found a king sized one. I was so stinking mad.

I checked bed bath and beyond and didn't want to sell off half of Tyler's arm for just a comforter so I passed.

Dallas showed me one of the great site of overstock and I kept going back to it. We decided this was to be our new bed. We are very into the black and silver and browns ( HE HE browns!) and so I bought a new bed set. The most amazing part... 8 pieces under 200 bucks for a king sized.

So while googling the WWW I found a 8 dollar off coupon and preorder Breaking Dawn ( yes Dallas is ok with my affair with Edward) and it was under 200 bucks!!

I love Internet Shopping!!


Aunt Nicky said...

why do you like brown so much (he he) very nice! :)

Grandma Labrum said...

At least you will never be "blue"! Sorry, just had to add that in.

Jen said...

Love the set you picked!