Friday, March 14, 2008

Updates and a few pictures...

I think I have chilled out from my last "outburst" and can calmly and rationally express my frustrations!

Yes, my car is back in Avondale. The wonderful city that it is! Here is the story ( please pull up your pillow and get comfy) As we were leaving the first time the General Manager said that IF there were EVER anything wrong with my car they would tow it to and from in order to take care of things. Well, fast forward to less than 8 days after they fix it and I am calling them to come and get it.

Monday morning we drove to the foundation for blind children ( FBC) and after it was over we headed back home. As we got in I turned on the air conditioner and NOTHING. Not a thing. It wablowing warm air. Lucky for me I had put Ty's milk in the fridge so it was cold and it was able to keep him pretty cool. When he gets hot.. he pukes. And he pukes massive quantities. During the 15 minute drive home it was still blowing out warm air. I get home LIVID because outside it is cooler than my car but we can't drive with the windows down on a 6 lane freeway. Not a good idea.

Anyway, I get home and call the car place. Let them know that they need to come and get my car and a rental needs to be in place. Not because I am mean, but because I have a warranty. We bought the car we did for a reason. Because of my excellent luck in cars it was determined that a warranty vehicle was the way to go.

For the next several hours we work on getting a rental. Which we all know is just a car that you don't really want to drive. Well, I got a lovely PT cruiser. While most of.. ok some of you might think that was cool. It isn't. I think they are ugly and look worse than a pregnant roller skate. They are not very comfortable and the car seat doesn't fit that great. But it is a car and we have LOTS of appointments so it will do.

Car gets towed to Avondale. It is now Friday and I just got a call from Corporate Suzuki wondering how I am enjoying my vehicle now that I have it back. I wonder in my head if they have lost my car and I will be stuck paying 13 bucks a day for insurance on a car that I don't want but am required to pay the insurance myself on. I proceed to tell the uninterested lady ( Why do they hire people to call and find out how your "experience" was who don't really care.. and it shows they don't care) that I don't have my car back and that no one from the dealer has even called to let me know what is wrong with my car or how long it is going to take. ( see above comment on how it shows she doesn't care) She then tells me she will just " make a note" to call me back when she thinks my car is done. Not " let me call and see what is going on with your car and why we show it is closed out" but I will call you at a different time.

I just got off with the Car people. They say that while they were testing my air conditioner the check engine light came on and so there are more things wrong with it. I think I might just need to take a trip to the rental car place and take off the paid insurance. 13 bucks isn't a big deal.. but at this point who knows how long I will be paying it.


As far as my mom goes. Personal boundaries haven't ever really been her finest point. In her defense though, until I got married I didn't see that they were really needed. Now as an adult who is married with a child I see the need for them. In fact I see a need for them a great deal while dealing with a child with "extra" needs. Sometimes I need a little more empathy and a little more listening, than fixing and drama.


Now for the "other stuff"

While it looks like I am fully recovered from having surgery I have proceeded to become VERY acquainted with my toilet. I got some sort of stomach bug and took a few days to feel "myself ", and Ty got it so my carpet is now back to clean, and diapers are not as many. THEN ( yes there is more!!) I got a cold. Ty had one but not this bad, he still periodically coughs and has a rough night but he seems to be on the upswing. I am coughing like a mad man and have had some rough nights. But in 5-7 days I should be back to myself.

Ty was accepted into water therapy. He will be going there a few times a week so I guess I need to lose wight overnight AND buy a new swim suit soon!! We still go and have other therapy so we are looking forward to seeing some NEW and improved milestones soon!!

We went "swimming" outside yesterday and took some pictures and it was cold. the water didn't come out warm yet and it was a little cold for the Bubba. Pictures were cute but when it gets warmer we will definitely be out there swimming in the Arizona sun!

As I was getting ready for work Ty came in and snuck out the toothpaste. He for some reason LOVES it and it proceeded to get it EVERYWHERE. Did I mention he had JUST GOTTEN OUT OF THE SHOWER. I took pictures but as a warning.. he is not wearing a diaper!!!!!

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Lyndsay said...

Are they making you pay insurance on your rental car?
For what it's worth:
I don't usually buy the supplemental insurance for rental cars, because you should be covered by your regular car insurance.