Saturday, March 22, 2008

Doesn't seem like I am exciting this week!!!!

I think I am losing my blogging spunk. On my "other" blog I have been adding a few pictures but mostly we are just doing our thing.

Water therapy has been going for about a week now. I have been SICK. REALLY SICK, so we had to cancel one day this week. We will be going 3 times a week, then regular Physical therapy one day. We get speech stuck in there and eye therapy so right now I am TIRED. I will be working all weekend and we will be doing out Easter thing on Sunday.

Ty is a great kid. He has really shown his strong will this week. Temper tantrums at EVERY therapy. Lack of naps in our house has made us ready to spank! ( OK not really I don't spank) He also make us laugh. I don't think I got any pictures this week but next week I will.

Dallas is working like CRAZY!! I swear he is a mad man. He works so hard for our family. I just wish there was something I could do to make his knee feel better. I am half tempted to put him on a plane to Utah and have Dr. Winterton take a look and Dallas stay there till he gets better.

I am just me. I have been sick. I love my bed and sleeping. It makes me feel at least somewhat better. Sometimes it even hurts to breathe. Hopefully I am on the upswing and feeling somewhat better. Guess we will find out after my round of meds and working all weekend.

As a family... NEVER BETTER!! We have been having a great time here in Arizona and are hoping to plan a trip to the zoo before hell hits!! Looks like we have a month, maybe a month and a half before it hits!!

Guess we will be planning a trip to Utah soon. Not sure when but soon. We promise!

That's us!! Guess I will try and plan something fun this week so we can at least get pictures. Wish Dally luck on his Knee. Poor daddy!

Happy Easter!

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Leeann said...

That pool sure looks like fun! I'm jealous. Do you get to go in with him? Or just his therapist?