Tuesday, February 12, 2008

At the end of the day.....

At the end of the day... I am tired.
Ty did VERY well. He had a horrible time this morning getting all the probes on because of his head sensory issue. He screamed to the point where I made them stop. I picked him up and I was able to hold him and he was able to get through them putting no the probes.

A few times the probes came lose but otherwise he did just fine. When we finally were able to the cords into a backpack he was able to move around much better. He was able to watch Barney pretty much all day and mulitasked well with his DVD and my Iphone.

After talking to the doctor we became more aware of what we should be looking for. He hadn't taken nap so we hadn't been able to see what or if we were having episodes. Ty climbed up on Dallas lap and was able to fall asleep and he had a few "episodes." That is not to say they are seizures but it is something they can look at.

So far that is what we know. I am tired. Dallas is exhausted and was able to go home tonight and sleep and will be back tommorow. I am sitting here next to my sweet little boy waiting and watching to see if he has any "episodes" before I crash!! ( and crashing is coming soon!!)

Thanks for all the support.. any prayers you can send out and ask for in Ty's behalf is much appreciated..



Jen said...

Prayers are being sent your way, that's for sure! My thoughts are with you as well!

Crys said...

I hope the night was "productive" and you get to go home soon.

Leeann said...

We are praying for you. Always.